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Need Integrated Financial Services?


Taxes? Done.

We provide tax preparation, planning and consulting for individuals and small to middle sized businesses of all types and legal structures.


Accounting? Done.

We provide accounting and management consulting services for all types of businesses and activities, including C corporations, S corporations, Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies, Sole proprietors, Estates and Trusts.


Transactions? Done.

Considering buying or selling a business, purchasing, selling or exchanging real estate, forming a legal entity, or starting a business? We help you understand the tax and accounting issues related to engaging in those activities.  


Retirement Planning? Done.

We advise clients regarding retirement plans, health care funding, Social Security maximization and estate planning to help you keep and grow your hard earned assets.


Success stories

Abatement of over $400,000 in payroll tax penalties

Turned a $30,000 proposed state tax audit balance due into a $25,000 refund

Eliminated a potential $25,000 California sales tax assessment

Stopped a $250,000 proposed California income tax assessment

Turned a proposed $10,000 federal income tax assessment into a $2,000 refund


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